StockPlop wants to be your external storage solution with The Plops and BasePlop

StockPlop wants to be your external storage solution with The Plops and BasePlop

Cloud storage is great, it allows us to synchronize files of all kinds between all our computers. But of course, the potential security issues, prices of each plan and the speeds of access to them mean that we always resort to physical options.

Purchasing a storage unit for Mac is no mystery. Even if some vendors want to sneak us a drive with the tag «Mac compatible» just because it’s formatted in HFS+ instead of NTFS. Any storage unit is compatible, all you have to do is give it the right format or not. Anyway, if you’re looking for something with a look & feel more Apple, we’ve tested the StockPlop solution.

StockPlop and its storage solutions

StockPlop is a company that through Indigogo has managed to carry out one of its proposals: The Plops. But they are already working for which it is certainly even more interesting, Base Plop.

The first, The Plops, are boxes for 2.5″ drives that integrate a USB 3.0 connection so that we can use them with our Macs. But look out, it is important to note that only 2.5″ units with a thickness of 7mm or less will be valid. If you have a 9.5mm disc you won’t be able to use it next to The Plops.

This detail could be a setback if you plan to take advantage of some unit of an already deprecated or broken equipment. However, if it is to then acquire the new storage unit there will be no problems as most are 7mm thick. Especially the SSDs that would be ideal to use.

-The Plops USB 3.0 controller offers good performance but how else is it leveraged with traditional SSDs and non-HDDs-

With a USB 3.0 driver with support for UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol), a protocol that uses the technology used in SCSI devices and that allows data transfer and parallel instructions to increase the transfer speed. Something especially useful with SSDs.

Manufactured in aluminum and with three different finishes (silver, black and wood) the finish of the boxes are very good. Something that together with those minimalist lines, very similar to the Look & feel of the company’s products, make them attractive to those looking for an option with a touch of design.

Likewise, The Plops Base has attracted me the most although it is not available at the moment. Similar in size to the Mac Mini, you can place that or the other Apple desktops on top for enhanced storage and connectivity options.

With BasePlops we would have four drive slots and four extra USB 3.0 ports. Combined with The Plops it is interesting because we could have the units connected to the base for use with the Mac and then, if we need it, use the housings to be able to take it wherever we go.


If the external storage options you find don’t satisfy you, either by design, because it’s not solid storage, finishes, etc. The Plops is an interesting alternative. Ideally, use with SSDs. If not, perhaps, by price and even waiving certain aspects, any USB 3.0 drive may be more profitable in price. Anyway, I have to admit that I liked the product in general. Especially for the convenience and ease of exchanging the internal unit.


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