Discover what’s new about Apple: Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard

Discover what’s new about Apple: Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard

Apple recently released its new Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard. Three important accessories for Mac users for a variety of reasons. The first is that, although there are other alternatives on the market, most users opt for them by design theme. The second is that their integration with the system and technologies used make them very useful. Especially mouse and trackpad thanks to multitouch technology.

For the last few days I’ve been testing all three products. Apple defines them as redesigned, rechargeable, revolutionary. And by the way he adds the word Magic to give them even more strength. At least at the marketing level. But they really are, they’re worth it. Let’s go see him.

Magic Mouse 2

Magic Mouse 2

The Magic Mouse 2 is the renewal of the latest mouse released by Apple. As you may know, Apple mice have never been the most user-turned-hard. By design they never turned out to be the most comfortable and sometimes, despite their advances, they ended up giving more war than joys – like the ball of the ancient Mighty Mouse. This time nothing changes, despite that «redesign».

The new Magic Mouse 2 is essentially the same mouse as ever. That’s good and bad. The apple mouse always liked will find in this version 2 a model with a clear and important improvement: there is no longer a battery compartment and an integrated lithium battery is used. That battery, as we’ll see later, is charged using the same Lightning cable from our iPhones or iPads. Interesting but look out if you’re away from home and don’t have one handy.

-Same mouse, same options and same design but now with built-in battery-

Continuing with the theme of the battery, I do not like the position of the charging connector. It’s at the bottom which prevents us from still using the mouse while charging. It’s true that apple here gives a «solution»: in just two minutes you get a one-hour battery life. It seems to be a long enough time until you finish what you’re doing and you can leave it charging. However, the rest of the accessories now offer the option of charging and being able to be used while the cable is connected. What’s more, they would function as wired devices.

The negative part of being the same mouse is that it is not the most comfortable on the market. If you’re betting on it, it’s because the multi-touch technology on its surface, especially made use of apps like Better Touch, is a must. If not, despite looking lighter – the weight is practically the same as the previous model – and gliding very well on the surface of the table tired after long sessions of use.

Magic Trackpad 2

Magic Trackpad 2

Magic Trackpad 2, without a doubt the most interesting product of the three. The new trackpad improves in almost every aspect and stands out for the inclusion of Force Touch, technology that we were already able to see in the latest laptops. A new way to interact with the system and applications that still have a lot of potential to offer.

The Magic Trackpad 2 is now 30% larger than the previous model, plus its aspect ratio is panoramic and appreciated. It is more natural to scroll around the screen because it has the same proportion, while the old one had a shape plus four thirds. Another easily noticeable aesthetic change is the upper surface. Now we have a white glass with a very soft and pleasant touch.

-The Magic Trackpad 2 is a remarkable product, integrates Force Touch and is placed as the most interesting of the three-Generally speaking it is a remarkable product and having built-in battery allows you, like the keyboard, to be thinner and have a lower inclination relative to the table surface. This makes it at least more comfortable for me to use. We also have to know that we can connect it to our Mac and use it while charging or even with bluetooth disabled as if it were a wired model. But like I said, the best thing is the inclusion of Force Touch technology.

In addition to the improvements offered by the applications and parts of the system compatible with Force Touch, the best thing is that by no longer needing any «button» – in the previous Magic Trackpad it was the lower legs that triggered the click – clicking is not only smoother but po anywhere on the trackpad surface. All without losing the physical sensation when clicked or the sound it produces.

With built-in battery, Lightning connector for charging and the possibility to link your Mac to it using the Bluetooth assistant or just by connecting the cable make us face a near-round product. And I say the latter because its main problem is the price: 149 euros.

Magic Keyboard

Magic Keyboard

The keyboard is one of the most troubled Mac accessories. We’ll be able to make it any other manufacturer as long as they’re USB or Bluetooth, but the key mapping is different and if it’s intended for Windows it’s a device. That’s why finding keyboards for Mac isn’t easy and few of the available keyboards are of quality. That almost «forces» users to opt for the company’s. It is also true that by aesthetics they are the most interesting.

The new Magic Keyboard stands out a lot at the design level. We now have a thinner profile that makes the wedge or inclination smaller than previous models. It’s not completely flat with the table surface – which would make it very uncomfortable – but it’s a little strange to use at first.

As I say, the first few times you use the new Magic Keyboard the feeling is strange. You think you won’t be able to get used to it because the tilt is added a route on the very short keys. Approximately 1 mm, although very soft, so if you are one of those who press hard or you like to feel a little more of an eye travel.

Until you try it and value it for yourself, the experience it offers is halfway between the new MacBook with its butterfly mechanism and the traditional keyboard. We have a firm and very uniform pulsation at all points of the key, something thanks to the improved scissor mechanism used, with a route that you get used to in a matter of hours.

-Magic Keyboard can be used via Lightning to our Mac without the need for Bluetooth-

With an internal battery and lightning charging port, the Magic Keyboard connects via bluetooth to our Mac. But there’s one detail that I think is very interesting. Now, when you connect the Charging Lightning cable to your Mac, you can use it as if it were a cable keyboard. This detail can be useful to not have to stop if the battery runs out, if we have problems with the bluetooth module of our Mac or point errors such as interference.

Although it takes a few hours to get used to it, the Magic Keyboard then offers a very pleasant writing feeling. If you’re used to typing for long periods on the keyboard of your Mac laptop, you’re sure to like it. If on the contrary you are a lover of keys with more travel or even mechanical keyboards forget about it.

A good price-beat renovation

All three Apple products are a good renovation. It’s true that the Magic Mouse would have been great to integrate Force Touch and solve the charge connector theme, even if it means varying the design a bit. Anyway, I like it as a mouse despite acknowledging that it is not the most comfortable on the market. However, you have to accompany it with apps like Better Touch if you want to get the most out of it.

The keyboard can only be blamed for not integrating backlight into the keys. I think most of us were hoping that it would, but no, we’ll have to wait. Otherwise it is a good product that many will surely like. He almost convinced me. And I say almost because the path of each key becomes something short.

Regarding the Magic Trackpad 2, I think it’s the best of them all. It makes the most important and differential leap against what the previous generation offered, thus assuming a breakthrough. Force Touch, new dimensions and battery make you earn positive points. But the price is very much sloaning, well to him and the rest of the products.

The prices of Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard are the biggest setback when choosing to buy them. If they come as standard on your mac great, but paying the 89, 149 and 119 euros that cost makes you think about it. Because keyboard more mouse translates into 208 euros, and keyboard plus trackpad in 268 euros.

If you are in love with them and there are no other keyboards or mice on the market that convince you worth. But if there are, you save yourself a significant amount of money even if you lose a little bit of that multi-touch experience. The good thing is that with the money that you do not invest you can consider buying other products like the new Apple TV for example.


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