LG Music Flow: a good speaker for your mac or any iDevice

LG Music Flow: a good speaker for your mac or any iDevice

Music is, believe it or not, something very important in our day to day. He accompanies us on the way to work, classes, while we dine… and is even able to mark important moments in our lives.

Therefore, in addition to always having it in mind we like to hear it with quality. If you were looking for a portable speaker to use next to your Mac or attentive iOS device, in wipelocker we analyzed the LG Music Flow P7. Another member of the Music Flow family although, this time, without wifi connectivity.


The P7 is a portable speaker with a compact design, available in white, black, silver and this one with a wood simulation finish. It is a product with a great construction, solid and does not transmit that feeling of being made of low quality materials.

Its exact dimensions are 184 x 55 x 63 mm. Yes, as I said it is small but that should not fool us because the sound besides having a very good quality is able to get a room.

As details, at the top we have a circular button with which you can turn the speaker on and off, put in visible mode -connects by bluetooth-, modify the volume and pause or start playback.


Talk about how a bluetooth speaker works today is not necessary. Still, let’s imagine that there are those who never connected one to their devices. To do this, on Mac, you only have to go to the System Preferences and in the Bluetooth section pair both devices.

On iOS we go to Settings -> Bluetooth to do the same. You won’t need anything else, just start playing the music from our favorite app and you’re done. Anyway, LG provides us with Music Flow Bluetooth. An application with some extras like those that allow you to select music according to mood, use equalizers or, for me is the interesting one, be able to use two speakers together.

-Music Flow Bluetooth allows you to use two speakers together and get a stereo experience-

That is, normally when we connect a bluetooth audio device we can only send the audio to it. With this application, if you have other Music Flow speakers with bluetooth you can create a stereo configuration or just have two speakers to improve the user experience.

LG Music Flow P7, sound quality

Let’s move on to what’s important, the sound quality. As a portable speaker it is logical that it will have limitations against computers of other ranges. Still, after a few first listens with different genres the truth is that it surprises.

-The sound quality of LG Music Flow P7 surprises, good stuck in clear bass and treble-

The playback quality in much of the frequency range is very good. There are point frequencies that do not end up having the clarity of higher-end equipment but it makes sense. Still, as a companion while working with your Mac, you listen to music with your iOS device over dinner or for those relaxing times – even for a small party – it’s more than valid.

However, even if it is not a purely audio quality topic, the bluetooth connection offers a small delay that when watching a movie or any other video content you will not notice or be annoying. But if you thought about using it while editing audio it will bother you a little bit. Even if anyone who wants to edit audio, even if it’s just a podcast, I think they’d better use headphones.


The LG Music Flow P7 portable speaker is a good companion for our iOS devices, Mac as well as any other device. Because in addition to bluetooth connectivity you can connect other audio sources through the 3.5mm jack connector.

With a good design, great finish, power and remarkable sound quality are postulated as a purchase option if you don’t want to jump to other options something more expensive like Sonos or Beats equipment among others.

The price of the LG Music Flow P7 is 149 USD, although you can find something cheaper in stores like Amazon. And yes, there are also cheaper options but already that’s a matter of each one deciding how much he is willing to spend and what quality he wants.


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