We’ve tested Apple Music on Android

We’ve tested Apple Music on Android

Finally after a long waiting period, Apple launched its app to access its new music service from Android, yes, Apple has begun to diversify its market and for the first time they have started developing for Google’s mobile platform, from wherewe’ve already seen Move to iOS and an app to set up the new Beats speakers, so practically Apple Music is the third app to reach the Google Play Store.

Taking advantage of the release of Sony’s Xperia Z5 for review, we’ve decided to install Apple Music and learn about the service experience on a platform outside of Apple’s. So below we will know the registration process, part of the experience, as well as some details that we have found.

Apple Music and creating a user

Installing the app does not have great science, we enter the Play Store, we search the app and install, where it will ask us for permission to access some data of the device for its optimal functioning, come, nothing out of the ordinary. Once installed, we open it and the first thing we will see is the option to start the trial period of three months, or, log in with our user in case we already have an active subscription in Apple Music.

In this case, we decided to create a new account, since the idea of the app on Android is to reach a new market, to those who have never tried anything of the biting apple. So the first thing we discovered is that it’s mandatory to create an Apple ID, yes, even if we’re only going to use it on Apple Music, so it won’t be possible to use our Google account, or the payment methods that we have enabled in the Play Store , everything will be done directly with Apple, where Android only serves as a vehicle to access the service.

Another noteworthy point, is that Apple Music will only give us access to use the individual plan of the service, we will not have access to configure the family plan, for this, the app recommends that we do it through a Mac or an iOS device, something absurd if the intention and s get to new market, but in short, you have to remember that it’s a beta.

Another thing to keep in mind is that to have access to the trial period we will need to give the data of a credit card, without this we will not be able to use the service. As I said, we miss that it is compatible with the payment methods that we already have registered with Google, it would certainly be something that would help the experience and ease of use.

The process is long and slow, as we will need to confirm the email, create security questions, enable a recovery email and also confirm it, in addition to filling in all the data you ask us, since it is not possible to do it otherwise. In my case, it took me 12 minutes to be able to listen to music, but I’ve been sitting at a computer throughout the process.

Knowing the interface of Apple Music

Once inside the service, it will ask us to tell you our musical tastes, as well as our favorite bands or artists, where we can add the number of artists that we want, since the more accurate we are, the better the recommendations will be .

The interface of Apple Music on Android introduces us to the aspect that we practically knew in iOS, where only a few options and icons will change, such as the case of «share», besides that curiousway is not compatible with AirPlay, so we won’t be able to send the music to speakers or an Apple TV, of course from support to Google Cast nor talk, while through Miracast it works, but erratically (at least in this beta).

You can create your own lists, add the ones that recommend us, search for artists or genres and share them, but look here, only a link to the song or list will be shared, which people will be able to listen to if they also have access to Apple Music.

In addition, we will be able to download songs to listen to them offline, but we must remember that the songs are only for listening on Apple Music, so they have DRM and will be stored in the internal memory of the device, it is not possible to copy them to a microSD nor listen to them elsewhere outside the device where they were downloaded.

On the left side you’ll find the application’s menu, where you’ll have access to the various sections of the app:

  • For you: where we have the daily recommendations in the form of lists, which are created by human beings, that the truth is very good when we are looking for you to listen.
  • New: here we will find the new features that are incorporated into the service, where for the moment we will only find audio, no videos, these will be added in a future update.
  • Radio: in this option we find the various stations created under genres or situations of the day, here we will also have access to the stations that we have created from an artist or band, as well as Beats 1.
  • Connect: This is Apple Music’s social network, where artists share photos, audio clips, previews, news, and whatever they can think of, where we can interact with them and leave messages.
  • Lists: so that, here we will have all the lists that we have created.
  • My Music: within this section we will find the songs that we have added to our library, both downloaded and those that we have marked as favorites.

In addition to this, in the side menu we also have access to the settings of the application, where we can disable the automatic renewal to the service, something recommended if we only want to try the service, as well as details of the account, artists that we follow and others details of the app.

Additional data

Overall the experience of listening to music on Apple Music is good, the app is agile, quickly loads the songs, the search is accurate, and access to the options are available thanks to the side menu. This first beta version promises, and we hope that in future versions take advantage of all the features offered by Android.

For example, it doesn’t have a widget to install on some home screen, something basic in the music apps on Android, yes, we have access to the controls within the notifications and on the lock screen, where it also looks good with the album cover in full size and in high resolution, but we only have access to the basic controls, play/pause, next and previous, we will not be able to bookmark, nor download or add to a list, for this we have to open the app.

Finally, if we have a device with good resolution, we will see that much of the font is not smoothed, a point to improve for the final version. Apple knows that it is in the process of improvement, so the label of «Beta»: fortunately we have the option to send feedback, even in Spanish, so that improvements are added in future updates. An important step outside of iOS so that both platforms can enjoy Apple Music.


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