Touch glove analysis: Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Touch glove analysis: Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

The advent of smartphones and the rise of touchscreens brought with it a whole series of accessories that we didn’t have (or need) on our old keyphones. One of the most obvious is the need to use the phone in situations where we can not directly touch the touch screen if we wear gloves, since capacitive screens need conductivity to be able to detect the «touch».

I want to talk about gloves that I have been trying for several weeks and that maybe I can still be useful: either because where you live the cold doesn’t just go away at all, or for your running sessions first thing in the day or nightFor example. They are the new Touchscreen Gloves from Mujjo, a brand specialized in launching excellent products for our devices, about which we have already talked about in Applesfera on other occasions.

The brand has very good quality materials and takes care of the details to the maximum, as I mentioned in one of the first analyses of their gloves (at that time Nylon intertwined and covered with a light silver bath to make them drivers). That first model had a more «casual» look, and they were available in various colors. The new version proposed by the brand is more neutral and will allow us to use it more times.

-Mujjo has experience manufacturing quality accessories: these gloves can be useful for both sports and dress-

Manufactured to protect and to be comfortable

Comfortable in every way: starting with the construction made of few pieces of fabric impregnated by a conductive treatment. The touch is very soft – it is very similar to neoprene but very pleasant to contact. This makes either of the five fingers of the two gloves you can use to touch the touch screen, allowing us to zoom in by pinching the screen – for example – without taking them off. We will also not see unsightly contact area on the fingers, as this coating is completely invisible.

The comfort and texture of the new note fabric instantly while wearing them, they adapt perfectly to the hand and feature a soft elastic rubber in the wrist area that will make them adapt even more to our contour and prevent the cold from entering us. In fact, Mujjo has added three internal layers to this new design with 3M Thinsulate protection to improve protection even against the wind (perfect for running, for example, because they are also very light).

-The new design is comfortable, adequately protects and quality finishes are noted such as the use of a 3M Thinsulate layer-

The interior is soft and helps to contain the heat in the hands, without being heavy or uncomfortable to carry as they are very thin. This new design also has laminated areas with gummy stripes so that we can use it, for example, while riding a motorcycle, bike or driving a skateboard. These rubber ed areas – very comfortable and that look really good the design – also help something essential: the iPhone is safe in our hands as it makes it very difficult to slip.

From the best options on touch gloves

These new Mujjo gloves sell around $41.24, and in my opinion, they’re one of the best touch gloves you can find. They are comfortable, protect and insulate perfectly, and work wonders. They have improved the grip of the mobile with areas marked with rubber stripes and fit perfectly to the hand. They are available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes. For a hand of a normal size – as is my case – I used size M. My advice is that you adjust the size to one less than the one you usually spend (in my case I always use the L in gloves) so that they do not get loose as the sizes are large.

This time we can not choose between several colors, there is only available in black. The sober and «neutral» aspect of the gloves actually plays in their favor: we can combine them and use them both to dress on the street and to go for a run. They are of course totally washable, although the manufacturer recommends not to wash them in a washing machine: better in hot water with some detergent and air dry, they will be ready and as new after that.


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