The iPhone case that works as a wireless charger

The iPhone case that works as a wireless charger

Wireless charging takes a couple of generations on the iPhone and accessory manufacturers are starting to make really interesting accessories. Mophie is one of the most popular, looking for new ways to take advantage of this technology. Now, with its Juice Pack Access for iPhone, we have a battery-powered case and wireless charging in one accessory.

Having tried it these last few weeks, we tell you about our experience.

Juice Pack Access: technical features

  • Accessory Type: Built-in battery and wireless charging case.
  • Battery capacity: between 2,000 and 2,200mAh depending on model.
  • Battery life: 15 hours of navigation, 17 hours of video, 25 hours of talk time and 76 hours of music.
    Dimensions: 81 x 161 x 18mm.
  • Weight: 106g.
  • Compatible models: all iPhones with wireless charging.
  • Connectivity: USB-C.
  • Volume and power buttons: yes.
  • Color: black.
  • Price: 95 USD on the mophie website.

Extra autonomy with protection and without cables

Without a doubt, the most striking thing about mophie’s Juice Pack Access is that it’s an accessory that brings together three functions. Case, extra battery and wireless charging combine to increase the battery life of your iPhone considerably.

This is a hard rubber-touch case that protects the terminal from all sides, including corners. The bottom of the iPhone is exposed to allow you to use the Lightning port comfortably and not obstruct the microphone and speaker.

As it is a hard material, the case is composed of two pieces. The top covers up the camera and slides up to take off from the main part, which houses the battery between 2,000 and 2,200mAh. The iPhone also slides over it to insert it into its «lane» so that it is securely attached.

As a case, it has an edge that protrudes from the iPhone screen slightly. In this way, we can leave it face down on a table or any surface without fear that the screen will be in direct contact with it.

When we want to take advantage of the extra load of this mophie accessory, we will hold down the bottom button for a few seconds until it is activated. The iPhone’s wireless charging will start until it fully charges or runs out. That said, it will depend on what we’re doing at the time. If, for example, we’re playing, we won’t notice the battery coming up. But it will go down more slowly.

The autonomy we will gain will therefore depend on whether we are using the iPhone at that time or not. In our tests, you have fully charged an iPhone X with a 40-50% battery. The full capacity of the Juice Pack Access is not transferred because part is lost along the way of wireless charging and in the form of heat.

The case and iPhone heat up when charged, but nothing that is uncomfortable or cause for alarm. Although it may be better not to leave it in the sun in the hot months that are now approaching. The recharging of the case can be done in two ways: USB-C or placing it on top of a Qi charging base like Peel’s that appears in the photos and that we analyzed a long time ago.

If you are in a hurry and want to have the maximum autonomy, the best option is to use the USB-C. But for convenience, you can charge it using Qi base at night. The drawback of this system is that, in our experience, it is difficult to find the exact point of loading due to the thickness of the mophie housing.

This system is very different from the one proposed, for example by Apple, with its Smart Battery Case that we tested a few months ago and that offered extra autonomy in a one-piece case, protecting the terminal on all four sides.

Mophie’s proposal with the Juice Pack Access is also interesting for its price of 99 euros, when others like Apple’s cost 145 USD. However, it’s not exempt from features that subtract points such as the exact charging point, whether it’s USB-C instead of Lightning, or that doesn’t cover the bottom edge completely.


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