NOMAD Apple Watch Base Station Edition: The all-in-one wireless charger you needed

NOMAD Apple Watch Base Station Edition: The all-in-one wireless charger you needed

Following the cancellation of AirPower a couple of months ago, many users have wondered what alternatives they had to charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods in the same accessory. NOMAD put on the table its proposal at the end of 2018, without knowing in advance that the timing of its product would be perfect. This is the NOMAD Base Station Edition Apple Watch, the wireless charger that many of us have been waiting for.

This analysis is complementary to that made last January of the model without charger for Apple Watch, so we’ll focus on the differences regarding that charger.

Base Station Apple Watch Edition: Technical Specifications

  • Accessory type: Multiple wireless charger.
  • Compatible devices: iPhone with wireless charging, Apple Watch and AirPods wireless charging case.
    Qi-compatible certificate and official Apple MFi charger.
  • Materials: aluminum and non-slip leather.
    3 reels with 7.5W fast charging (maximums supported by iPhone).
  • 3 charge indication LED.
  • Ambient light sensor to control led intensity.
  • Includes charging dock, wall charger and adapters for US, UK and European plugs.
  • Price: $139 in NOMAD.
Base Station

Main differences with the normal model

NOMAD is one of the highest quality manufacturers of accessories for Apple products. This is something that you notice as soon as you have a box of one of your products in your hands. It is a very careful packaging that keeps inside a product with an excellent finish.

The Base Station Edition Apple Watch is no exception. Leather and aluminum give a pleasant and solid feel to this multiple charger that is identical to that of your brother without an adapter for the Apple watch.

The most obvious change between the two models is precisely that Apple Watch charger on the left side of the dock. It is an official MFi, so it supports charging this watch without problems (remember that the Apple Watch cannot be charged with a Qi base).

It is located at an oblique angle quite close to 90 degrees from the base, but giving it a few more degrees to make it more comfortable to see the watch screen. This stand has a rubber guard on the bottom to protect the watch and prevent it from being in contact with the aluminum of the chassis.

-The NOMAD base with Apple Watch support is a solid accessory, with good materials and very practical to travel-When up, your Apple Watch will turn on the **Table Clock Mode* and display the time in green on a black background, in addition to the charge level. A very useful function to have it on the bedside table and see the time while we sleep.

With this addition, you can charge up to three different accessories: iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods with wireless case. However, I find it difficult to put the iPhone in the right place along with the other three accessories.

The watch has its own space, but in the wireless charging part where the three coils are located we will have to put perpendicular to the iPhone if we want to charge the AirPods. In this case, it is difficult to find the right point of loading for the terminal, since the area is very small.

-The only drawback is finding the right spot to charge your iPhone next to your Apple Watch and AirPods-

It’s true that we’re not always going to load all three products at the same time, but it’s an awkward thing to keep in mind (the only one really). Many wireless chargers have a bad habit of turning on an LED while charging. In the case of NOMAD’s Base Station, it has a brightness sensor (pictured) to detect how much ambient light there is and adapt the lighting of its three LEDs so as not to create «disco effect» at night.

As for the other differences, this model lacks other USB-A and USB-C connectors. In theory, you shouldn’t miss them because you load all your most mobile Apple products with this.

We finished this analysis with a very good feeling in our experience. The Base Station Apple Watch edition is an accessory that charges our three favorite wireless products (are there any more out there?) at the same time. The design and materials are excellent and without excess. The only drawback requires gaining some practice by aligning the iPhone perpendicularly to fix itself.

The NOMAD base is priced at $139, about 123 euros per change without regard to customs or VAT. The cost is high, but if you are looking for a multiple wireless charger with a good design and materials, this is a great


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