MicRogue analysis: a game you’ll want to play

MicRogue analysis: a game you’ll want to play

In the absence of great innovations, good are the mixes of genres and ideas, a strategy that is booming in the world of video games and that does not miss the possibility of taking advantage of it in iOS. To show the new MicRogue, which puts dungeon exploration and chess in the shaker to bring out a delicious concoction that costs nothing to put into your mouth.

It is one of those games of simple appearance and great joys in which mechanics are everything and ends up importing very little if you are more pixel or polygon, a puzzle that also enters through the eyes with a price of the most affordable (at 0.99 USD on the occasion of its launch to).

Enemies who kill theys themost thinking

We’ve become accustomed to games where strategy is often a very secondary element. Yes, it is clear that games related to that genre are completely sticking to it, but in the rest most of the time all we are asked to do is follow the usual trial and error.

The thing is twisted when, as here at MicRogue, trial and error has no place because of the randomness of its scenarios.

Your goal in the game will be to reach the highest part of the tower, steal the treasure and return to the exit, and we will do so by moving horizontally and vertically with the only help of a shield.

The key to achieving this is to learn the movement patterns of enemies, with strategies drawn from chess moves, and to take advantage of them not only to dodge them (we won’t need to kill them to advance) but to add the danger of traps to the formula and to be able to dispatch them without desperating us.

There’s still room for another style of gaming

Despite the apparent simplicity of its formula, learning patterns seems easier than it really ends up being by hooking up to the game and trying to steal the treasure by escaping from the custodial dragon over and over again. Does she have any more chicha when you get everything in your hand? Unfortunately, no.

The idea of being able to play new levels every time you start a game has its grace for a while, but as you may have imagined it is not an eternal thing. However, the content it offers is more than enough to make it not a game to use and pull, one that lasts just over an afternoon.

Beyond that is what we always say around here, that we can not complain about the free-to-play fever and the problems arising from it and then turn our backs on fresh proposals that try to take the iOS catalog several steps beyond the basic mechanics that I they’ve been repeating themselves from birth. MicRogue is one of those who deserves our love.

The role genre Roguelike has a great representation on iOS in both quantity and quality. You know, those games where we explore dungeons that in each game are different and to survive we will need a good strategy and some luck. This genre has given a lot of itself and there are proposals of all kinds, some of them very accessible as the one we present to you today.

MicRogue is the perfect definition of a Roguelike game for everyone. It is easy to play, has a learning curve long enough for anyone to learn and also has a very fast pace so we can play anywhere and pick it up at any time. Today we talk about him in detail.

A perfect pace to play on mobile

As in other games of the genre, your goal will be to overcome a series of rooms in a dungeon. Each is randomly generated so the distribution, enemies, and traps are different in each of them. This way, each game will be different and there will be some that are more difficult than others.

Our goal will be to overcome them all and get as far as possible, specifically up to the tenth and there recover the treasure that a dragon keeps. The aesthetics, as you can see in the images, is very simple but at the same time it is effective and unique. The soundtrack is very well worked and the sounding theme always puts us in position in the dungeon.

The controls are very simple. Around our characters we will be marked the boxes to which we can move. We press with our finger where we want to move and it will move automatically. To eliminate the enemies, you’ll have to move to the squares where they are, as if it were chess.

If they move before we hit us. Luckily we have a shield that will be able to withstand up to three blows. If we reach this amount, it will break and we will be vulnerable to enemies. In addition to moving, you’ll have to check the orientation you’re in to avoid being attacked from behind and lost automatically.

The mechanics, as you can see, is very simple and makes anyone can start playing from minute 1. It’s fun and if you’ve already played other Roguelikes it seems too simple. It’s not a title for anyone looking for a big challenge (that’s what we have the magnificent Wayward Souls for example) but it’s perfect as a hobby.

On Android MicRogue is free (unlike iOS which is paid) but will introduce us to an ad once certain levels have passed. You don’t need a particularly powerful mobile but I’ve noticed that on devices with SoC Exynos sometimes gives problems.

  • MicRogue
  • Developer: Crescent Moon Games
  • Language: English
  • Requirements: iOS 5.1.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • Download it to the App Store


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