Hearthstone analysis for iPhone

Hearthstone analysis for iPhone

If there was anything capable of raising my illness with Hearthstone (the first step is to recognize it) that was to be able to dispose of it at all hours. I’m at that point where I can play pretty much or less well without being too focused, while Watching a series or I’m preparing an article, so being able to have the iPhone aside and take a look at it from time to time is the next step to two possible endings : that I end up getting tired of the game or that I have to be admitted to a detox clinic.

The doubt I had before I faced him is the one that has hovered over the heads of many of you is worth changing the game on the iMac or iPad screen for the new iPhone version? Well, I’m already ahead of you, but it’s no less true that bus travel is going to be less boring from now on.

In the small boat is the good jam

The only problem of Hearthstone for iPhone is precisely the feature that gives more meaning to its launch, being able to play on a screen that enters your pocket and accompanies you at all hours. The key is to change the layout of all the elements, rearranging the board from other versions with more space for cucamonadas and focusing on making the game just as fast and accessible.

Blizzard does this by removing part of the scenario that normally surrounds the board, placing the cards in your hand on the right side of the screen waiting for you to tap on the group to display using the lower area. The rest is exactly the same, drag the board to play and aim targets and tap on each card, secret or minion to know their skills and effects.

It’s more comfortable than I thought before I started playing, the truth, and the chip switch between one version and another is automatic enough to make the port valuation more than satisfactory, and this is also a complete version with everything that fits in a Hearthstone «big».

Hearthstone: Geniuses also stumble

Adventure mode, arena, deck creation, shop, games with and without rank, possibility to play against users of other platforms or even visualize the attacks of your friends thanks to the option to attend as a spectator to their games. Everything works perfectly and yet stumbles into the look that should be most polished.

It’s a headache to have to deal with intermittent connections that can ruin a game by not allowing movements until the connection returns, and it’s something that since the publication of Hearthstone on iPhone has become quite common regardless of whether my Connection works perfectly with any other video game.

Not controlling the increase of players that this new version would suppose is a tremendous error whose headaches, supported further by a coverage bar that goes from the top of lines to the disconnection cross quite assiduously, we could have saved ourselves with a little more than moan about the launch.

Hearthstone for iPhone: must-have download

It is clear that it is not a problem that we will remember in a week or two, when the initial fever is abandoned and we can face games with a lower server load, but there is power and money to be able to avoid it and they have preferred to avoid it by letting it events are going on. Luckily there is no complaint about graphics performance (tested on iPhone 6) beyond some error screen in the initial load.

A mere stone on a tightly paved road that, if already generating benefits to the slacks, with this jump promises to grow several more integers, not only for the coffers of Activisoin Blizzard but to increase the flow of players and strategies by improving the experience and , by the way, making known to the world that a free-to-play can also be well made and that a card game can be eaten with potatoes in quality and pampered half the industry launch catalog. There speaks my illness, it is the figures and criticisms of half the world that have strengthened that position.

Hearthstone for iPhone

  • Developer: Blizzard
  • Language: Spanish
  • Requirements: iOS 5.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • Download it to the App Store


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