First impressions from iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch Series 5, iPad 2019

First impressions from iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch Series 5, iPad 2019

Finish one of the most important events of the year for Apple, where the company puts its new iPhones on the table in addition to other surprises. In this case, the new ones beyond the phones has been a new Apple Watch, a new iPad and the update of the streaming services that we already have even departure date and price.

While it is true that they fluctuated too much between them, appearing and disappearing days or even hours before the keynote. One of them has been the demise of the «Apple Tag», the search device that we have not finally seen in the presentation.

One of them has been the demise of the «Apple Tag», the search device that we have not finally seen in the presentation.

Hour and a half has been enough – yes – for Tim Cook and his team to surprise us with a new generation of phones that prove that innovation is also interior design: the new A13 Bionic chip is so powerful and energy efficient that perfectly it could already be on some Mac. But let’s go in parts, serve this analysis as a small high-level review of everything presented that I will detail in depth in the coming days.

-The keynote lasted less than expected – barely an hour and a half – but served to update some of the company’s most anticipated products for this event-

Apple enters the war in streaming

Apple Arcade will be available on September 30 for 4.99 euros per month with more than 100 new games available, through a free month trial to try the service. In the keynote, we have seen video game companies of the likes of Konami or Capcom prepare exclusives for the platform that makes us think that Apple’s bet is not only Indie games.

The advent of PS4 and Xbox controller support is sure to enhance this new platform that moves away from Arcadia’s streaming proposal and allows offline downloadto to play anywhere.

However, the news came with Apple TV+: it launches on November 1st in more than 100 countries (Spain within them) at an incredible price of 4.99 euros – making the company a new and very account of competitor within the war against Netflix but left over and all against Disney.

In the keynote, Cook commented that the first three trailers that have been presented up to the hour have set record views of visualizations – and then he has shown us SEE, starring the former king of the seas Jason Momoa and that he looks spectacular.

-Apple enters thermonuclear warfare with Disney+ and Netflix by setting its streaming service to 4.99 euros per month and offering 1 free year on each new device-

A new best-selling iPad

Tim Cook spoke of the «basic» iPad as one of the best-selling and popular devices in the iPad range, and that’s why he’s pulled out of the sleeve a revamp of the concept that doesn’t feature the light-edged design of the next-generation iPad Pro – although it does have influence plus more than evident from just the iPad Pro before that.

The exterior design features a 10.2-inch display and is compatible with the Apple Pencil 1, features A10 Fusion chip and the design reduces side edges (like iPad Pro without FaceID). It starts selling from 379 euros and also has Smart Keyboard with which you can use keyboards and accessories that use this connector.

Without a doubt, the focus of the device is people who are not looking for a Pro but want a modern and efficient machine. The support of the Pencil 1 and Smart Keyboard, as well as its iPad Pro «old fashion» design (although I would have liked it more borderless) place it in an unbeatable selling position.

Apple Watch Series 5 and the downing of Series 3

We’ve also had a new Apple Watch Series 5, with a new model that in physical appearance is identical to the previous one but features a laminated screen design and an energy-efficient chip created specifically for low power consumption. The result? A new watch that allows you to always have the screen on and slightly increases the battery life compared to series 4.

In the testing area after the keynote, I have been able to see this new display that remains on and that attenuates reducing the softness of the screen to be more energy efficient, being very comfortable to consult it without having to make any hand movement and with good visibility.

For this new model it also includes built-in compass, which will improve accuracy in apps that use GPS-controlled apps and positioning (including altitude)-even if they’re standalone apps on the Apple Watch. It also allows international emergency calls and features new materials such as titanium (and retains aluminum, stainless steel and ceramics). They’ll arrive in stores on September 20th.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro what it left us

We already knew the physical aspect of the new iPhone 11, and now we’ve finally seen them live. I have to say that the camera gap is much better resolved live than I have seen in renders and mockups of manufacturers of covers – helped without any doubt by the new colors of this generation, more cakes and that help to bring visual lightness. In hand, consistency and grip have improved the XS and XS Max, as they have gained a little more texture that makes them easier to hold.

As important new features, the new Super Retina XDR display – according to professional-grade Apple – the brightest an iPhone has ever had. It reaches 1200 nits, a barbarity that makes the screen of these new phones look really good in conditions of excessive luminosity such as direct exposure to the Sun or a multitude of spotlights as has been the case. Live, I was impressed by the change in it – although by orderI would have asked that the notch of this generation be more discreet.

-The dreaded «bulto» of the camera that scared us so much in mockups is presented in the final design in a more discreet and coherent way with the rest of the design-

The cameras are the main protagonist: during the keynote we have already been impressed by some of the examples, but in the tests within the same event area I can tell you that the results are mind-blowing in depth, details, quality and speed of capture. We will have to see in the in-depth analysis how it behaves outdoors and the famous Night Mode, which due to the luminosity of the demo zone I have not been able to evaluate.

This triple camera system of the PRO allows even each camera to record independently and then by software choose which of them we want to use at all times – and we have seen the Filmic Pro demo where this happens. That this happens on the same device indicates a power and ability to process the images to another level.

-The camera tests in the demo area excited: the possibilities of the new lenses and the impetus for computational photography with the A13 Bionic chip are enormous-

A few more details: it is IP68, it allows to submerge it up to 4 meters of water for 30 minutes and Apple has placed special emphasis on the resistance of this new model – even in the promotional video where they literally abused in the day to day to a day to day an iPhone 11. Which, by the way, has been another of the surprises of the day with a wide-angle camera, the same A13 Bionic as its older brother, and with a starting price of 809 euros placing it at a very interesting point in the range.

In the coming days we will tell you more details of all the devices when we have a chance to test them more thoroughly – for now we are left wanting to continue taking photos with the cameras of the new iPhone 11 that for me have been one of the more powerful points of the presentation and which more possibilities it will offer its users.


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