Analysis of the Belkin Boost Up, a stylish charger

Analysis of the Belkin Boost Up, a stylish charger

Wireless charging finally reached the Apple family with the iPhone 8, almost as part of the company’s crusade and many users (including myself) to fight the cables. In the case of wireless charging, rather than completely removing the cable provides extra comfort for when we want to charge the phones comfortably. In addition, in the coming years we could even see how this type of wireless charging becomes more common among many more products, not just phones. In the case of Apple, the new AirPods, a future Pencil or maybe even iPads.

The company uses the Qi induction wireless charging standard, adapted by most technology manufacturers, so from day 0 we already had at our disposal all the parking fixer that was the first phone that included it: the iPhone 8. Currently, all iPhones that appeared later are already compatible with this system, including of course the two new models of this year: the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR.

Wireless charging offers many possibilities as an accessory, allowing horizontal and vertical charging – allowing it to also be used as a dock for our phones. In the case of horizontal charging, we can find many similar models: my recommendation for this type of format is that you look for those who have good grip of the phone with models that have rubber or rough surface, but, the vibration could unplace the phone and leave it uncharged. As for vertical models, today we will analyze one of the most attractive on the market by design and performance, of the well-known Brand Belkin: The Boost Up with load up to 10 W.

Very functional and with a modern design

I liked the design of the Boost Up from the very first moment. It has a circular support surface where resides the charging engine that contrasts with a sleek cradle in the shapes by holding the phone very well. It is coated with a sturdy rubber but also soft enough that we can «pull» the phone into it without fear of breakage or bumps. It is the same color as the main frame and as you can see in the images, it looks great.

The width of the crib is large enough even for the iPhone XS Max (it is the one I used in this analysis), and although the manufacturer recommends positioning the phone in the center of the dock so that the load is correct, it is practically impossible that it does not charge let it leave it as we leave it. This is due not only to the good quality of the Belkin base induction coil, also the larger charging surface implemented in the iPhone XS helps.

This model is designed not only to charge the phone in portrait mode, but also in landscape mode. If you look at the photos, even the upper equines of the lower crib area is coated with this protective rubber: this allows us to use this dock to watch videos, or to use it comfortably while consulting a recipe cooking. The design helps make it beautiful in both a modern kitchen and a room by maintaining neutral but modern lines. It is available in two colours, black and white.

Behind, the Boost Up only has the connector to the power adapter included in the box. Here as an improvement it would have been much better to include a USB-C connector and cable that we can even take advantage of other devices without having to have another adapter at home. The design at the back is also elegant and modern, in my opinion one of the best in this type of chargers.

Considerations and charging power

Before we continue, let’s make it clear that the maximum charging power that iPhones support today is 7.5W. It’s a restriction that Apple models have at the moment, which was actually augmented in iOS 11.2 as part of a software update. This limitation can be understood as a protective measure for devices, although there are already brands like Samsung and Sony that allow charging up to 10W.

If we are going to buy a charger of more than 5W for the iPhone, we have it essential to be clear the following: the one we buy must be compatible with the charging of intermediate legs, such as: 5 W, 7.5 W, 9 W and 10 W – not only 5W/10W. Otherwise, you’ll find a 10W charger that will work at most at 5W on iPhone. This Belkin Boot Up is not the case that it supports all the above variations, so our iPhone will charge the theoretical 7.5W maximum that allows charging (at least, until in a new Apple software update it does not expand this range).

Beyond the comfort of the design of this load base, what matters here is to verify that fast charging fulfills its purpose. In my tests, the iPhone XS Max reached (on average, with about three tests at different times):

+3% in 5 minutes
+27% in 30 minutes
+50% in 1 hour and 12 minutes
100% in 2 hours and 23 minutes

They are good values especially considering that we have security is an experienced brand like Belkin and that meets all the security and quality requirements of Apple. I also positively value the comfort with which we can leave the device, without the need to look for the correct position or do many pirouettes – the assurance that it will also not slip or fall is important.

In conclusion, Belkin Boost Up is one of the most interesting wireless chargers by combining design, build quality and technical features. You can find it at about 74.99 s – a high price but justified if we are demanding looking for a comfortable and recognized brand wireless charging system that fulfills its task and also has a fantastic appearance.


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